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What is Cielo?
Cielo is a human-readable information layer for web3. It allows anyone to create a real-time feed of onchain activity and filter it by transaction type, chain, and size. Transactions can be viewed within the Cielo web app or in Discord or Telegram using the Cielo bot.
With millions of transactions recorded onchain every day, making sense of all this activity is beyond the remit of a simple block explorer. Smarter tooling is required to discern what’s taking place on crypto networks and to leverage this information to your advantage. Cielo is a tool for deciphering the onchain transactions that matter.
From tracking hedge funds to monitoring your own wallets, Cielo demystifies the art of onchain sleuthing. In just a few clicks, you can zero in on the activities of a single trader or zoom out and see the bigger picture to discern DeFi trends 🔎
People use an onchain tracker like Cielo for two reasons:
  • To monitor their own transactions
  • To monitor other people’s transactions
Monitoring your own wallet addresses allows you to be notified of such events as:
  • Being paid by a client
  • Being airdropped tokens
  • Selling an NFT
  • Unauthorized tx that could indicate a compromised wallet
Monitoring third party wallets allows you to be notified of such events as:
  • DEX trades for a particular token e.g. ARB
  • Token unlocks for projects you’re invested in
  • NFT purchases by crypto influencers
  • High-volume sales by known crypto companies/whales
  • New activity by wallets connected to major hacks
Cielo web app
Cielo provides an insight into who’s trading, how, where, and why.
Who: Add wallet addresses and ENS for top traders, influencers, team treasuries, whales, hedge funds, hackers, and heroes.
How: Tx are labeled with swap size, bet size (sportsbooks), PnL (futures + NFT flips), and direction: long or short.
Where: Watch the action unfold across all the leading EVM chains and hundreds of protocols, all accurately named for ease of identification.
Why: Cielo makes it easy to decode the meaning behind the whale trades and influencer buys that move markets and kickstart trends
The most powerful implementation of Cielo can be found in the web app that includes an interface for creating themed lists, bulk importing wallet addresses, and a sophisticated NFT dashboard for viewing collections and tracking the best traders.
The Cielo web app is enhanced by a complementary Telegram bot for receiving real-time alerts on the go. The two products can be used independently or combined for the full Cielo experience: the granular control of the web app coupled with the instant notifications supplied by the Cielo Wallet Tracker bot. There's also a Discord bot that performs the same role for users who prefer to receive their alerts within a Discord server.
Included with the Cielo web app:
  • Real-time feed for transactions on dozens of EVM chains
  • Sophisticated protocol labeling and tx types
  • Track up to 250 wallets (that’s 10x more than comparable platforms)
  • Create 5 themed lists (e.g. NFT Traders; Onchain Whales; DAOs)
  • Track 5 tokens in the Cielo Wallet Tracker bot or Discord (e.g. ARB swaps)
  • Higher number of lists, wallets + tokens for Pro + Whale users
  • Integrated NFT dashboard
  • Cielo Wallet Tracker settings to receive Telegram alerts (up to 6 bots for Pro + Whale)
Cielo currently supports the following EVM blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Dogechain, Boba, Base, Metis, Aurora, Optimism, BNB Chain, Gnosis, Evmos, Canto, zkSync PulseChain, Mantle, opBNB, and Polygon zkEVM.
Because Cielo content is user-curated, it’s dependent upon you to input useful addresses and correctly set their parameters. Otherwise, you risk being overwhelmed with junk data or conversely missing out on significant events because you’re following irrelevant onchain interactions. The Cielo web app makes it easy to dial down the noise and amplify the signal.
This documentation explains how Cielo works and reveals how to harness its capabilities to get the most out of your onchain exploration 🧠
Along the way you’ll learn how to:
  • Interpret your feed
  • Create custom lists
  • Import, modify, and share premade lists
  • Filter out low-value transactions
…and much more 👏
After covering the basics for getting started with Cielo, we’ll delve into advanced features and tips that will optimize your usage of the Cielo web app and bot.
If you need further help, the Cielo Community Telegram channel is where you can troubleshoot, expand your knowledge, and submit feature requests.
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