What is Cielo?
Cielo is an information layer for web3. It allows you to discover wallets and tokens and add them to a real-time feed of onchain activity. Transactions can be filtered by type, size, and network and viewed in the Cielo web app or in Discord/Telegram using a Cielo bot.
From tracking whales to monitoring personal wallets, Cielo deciphers the onchain transactions that matter. Zero in on a smart wallet or zoom out to discern broader trends 🔎
Monitoring your own wallets allows notification of such events as:
  • Being paid by a client
  • Receiving an airdrop
  • Selling an NFT
Monitoring third party wallets including smart contract addresses reveals such events as:
  • Swaps of a particular token e.g. ARB
  • Token unlocks and distribution
  • NFT mints
  • Whale trades
  • New tokens traded by wallets you're following
Cielo web app
Cielo provides an insight into who’s trading, how, where, and why.
Who: Add wallet addresses and ENS for top traders, influencers, team treasuries, whales, hedge funds, hackers, and heroes.
How: Tx are labeled with useful information such as swap size, protocol, PnL, and direction (long/short perps).
Where: Watch the action unfold across all the leading EVM chains, Solana, and hundreds of protocols, all accurately labeled for ease of identification.
Why: Cielo makes it easy to decode the meaning behind the trades that move markets and kickstart trends.
The Cielo web app is enhanced by complementary Discord and Telegram bots for receiving real-time alerts on the go. The web app can be used on its own or combined with bots for a richer experience: the granular control of the app boosted by instant bot alerts.
Cielo currently supports Solana plus the following EVM blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Dogechain, Boba, Base, Metis, Aurora, Optimism, BNB Chain, Gnosis, Evmos, Canto, zkSync PulseChain, Mantle, opBNB, Blast and Polygon zkEVM.
This documentation explains how Cielo works and reveals how to harness its capabilities to get the most out of your onchain exploration 🧠
Along the way you’ll learn how to:
  • Interpret your feed
  • Create custom lists
  • Import, modify, and share premade lists
  • Filter out low-value transactions
…and much more 👏
If you need further help, the Cielo Community Telegram channel is where you can troubleshoot, expand your knowledge, and submit feature requests.
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