Quick start guide

Start using Cielo in 60 seconds and familarize yourself with core features.

You don’t need to know every last feature of Cielo to start using Cielo. Here’s how to get started in 60 seconds, add your first wallets, create your first list, and set custom Telegram/Discord alerts.

  1. Visit the Cielo web app and connect your web wallet.

  2. Follow the prompts and connect your Telegram account.

  3. Skip the onboarding tutorial (you can view it later by clicking your wallet address in the bottom left of the page).

  4. Go to My Wallets, click Add Wallets (top right), enter a wallet address and add a label. Repeat.

  5. Alternatively, go to Public Lists, find an interesting list and click Follow.

  6. In My Wallets, create your own list by clicking Add List (top right).

  7. From the Lists tab at the top of the page, select your list and then tick the wallets you wish to add.

  8. To set Telegram/Discord alerts, first go to Settings and activate a bot.

  9. Then in My Wallets tick the box to the left of the wallets you wish to set alerts for or click Select All.

  10. Next, click Alert Settings (bottom of page) or click the edit icon to the right of the wallet label.

  11. Finally pick the transaction types, USD value, and networks you wish to receive Telegram/Discord alerts for.

  12. View all transactions by wallets you’re following in your Cielo feed. Use the tabs at the top of your feed to filter results and click Save to store your favorite filters.

  13. Unlock additional features and more wallets by visiting Settings and subscribing to a Pro or Whale plan.

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