Wallet Discovery

Your Cielo feed is only as good as the wallets it contains. Wallet Discovery (Pro+Whale) helps you identify valuable wallets and follow them in one click.

Wallets have been filtered by trader type e.g. Gem Finder, New Wallet, Airdrop Hunter and are ranked by realized PnL. Note that these are broad categorizations since a wallet will typically fall into multiple categories.

The more successful a wallet's trading activity for the timeframe covered (1, 7, or 30 days), the higher it will rank. Wallet Discovery also reveals when a wallet was last active. The first dropdown menu allows you to filter between different wallet types based on trading behavior. The second dropdown menu allows you to select EVM or Solana wallets only.

Note: The wallets featured in Wallet Discovery are updated every 10 minutes on average based on the trading performance of the wallets Cielo has indexed. As a result, this leaderboard can be expected to change frequently.

Click the columns at the top of the wallet leaderboard to filter by PnL (i.e profit) or Winrate. Click Follow to add a particular wallet to your feed.

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