Your feed displays recent transactions (tx) from wallets you’re following. Each row represents an onchain tx and is enhanced with labeling and links to aid your understanding.

A typical entry might show the wallet (Address or ENS/.sol) tx type (Swap), network (Arbitrum), protocol (Uniswap), tokens exchanged (ETH>USDC), tx value ($800), and elapsed time since the tx occured (2 mins ago). For NFTs a thumbnail is also shown.

Reading your feed

A single transaction looks like this:

Or if a wallet makes a series of related transactions within a short timeframe, Cielo will cluster them:

Click on the name or label assigned to a wallet (e.g. dolgame.eth; Major Airdrop Receiver) to open a new page for that wallet profile. For example, this is the wallet profile for 0xprinterr.eth.

The High TX label alongside this wallet shows that it is extremely active onchain. If you enable Telegram alerts for this wallet, you'll receive a lot of notifications by default. You can resolve this by clicking the Edit icon for this wallet and selecting Alert Settings.

Learning more

Cielo displays multiple data points for each tx that appears in your feed. Click on the icons, wallet name, and other metadata to learn more.

In the above transaction, the following actions are available:

Wallet Name (Onchain209): Click to open wallet profile page

List (Library Onchain): Click to open the list containing this wallet

Wallet Address (0xac): Click to copy the address to clipboard

Token Icon: Click to view recent market data for this token and chart (You can change your default chart provider in Settings)

Timestamp (3 mins ago): Click to open blockchain explorer link

If you see a rocket icon displayed beside a tx, it means it’s the first time the wallet has traded this particular token:

Depending on the transaction, other information displayed may include include the tx type, number of tokens swapped, token price, and total tx value.

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