My Wallets

My Wallets is your mission control. It’s where you add, edit, and delete wallets and lists. It’s also where you control the Telegram/Discord alerts you receive for wallets and lists you’re following.

Adding Wallets

Click Add Wallets in the top right to add a wallet to your Cielo feed. You can add an Ethereum address, Solana address, ENS, or .sol.

Enter the wallet address and add an optional label for identification e.g. Vitalik. If you wish to add and configure Telegram/Discord bot alerts for the wallet, select Alert Settings and follow the instructions. Here you can specify notifications based on tx type, chain, and minimum USD value for swaps. You can also check the New Trade Alerts box to receive an alert when the wallet trades a token for the first time.

Note: Alert Settings only applies filters to your Telegram or Discord bots. It does not filter the tx that appear in your Cielo feed. To change the default view for your feed, use the tabs at the top of the Feed page.

If you wish to add multiple wallets at once, select Bulk Import and you can upload a CSV file. Wallet addresses should be placed in column one and an optional label for each one should go in column two.

Editing Wallets

Tick the checkbox at the top of the page to select all wallets or select individual wallets and make edits to them. You can also use the tabs at the top of the My Wallets page to filter wallets by list, type, chain, and whether they are currently unassigned to a list.

After selecting one or more wallets, click the pencil icon to make edits. When you're done, click Save Changes.

Bulk Edits

You can edit multiple wallets to save time. This allows you to bulk edit Telegram/Discord alerts for all of the wallets you're following or a subset of wallets. For instance, you can enable Telegram alerts for Swaps over $100 or for NFT Mints on Base. You will still be able to see all of the onchain activity for these wallets in your Cielo feed but will only receive bot alerts for tx that match your criteria.

To make a bulk edit, click the checkbox in the top left of the screen. This will select all wallets on the page. To select all wallets that youi're following, click Select all XXX of your wallets:

You can alternatively select all wallets within a specific list. To do so, click the Lists tab at the top of the poage and select the desired list. Then tick the All Wallets box.

When you have selected the wallets you wish to bulk edit, click Alert Settings or Token / NFT Filters (Pro+Whale) at the bottom of the page.

Token Filters

Cielo allows you set alerts when a wallet you're following trades specific tokens or NFTs (Pro+Whale). That way you can receive a notification when wallets swap particular tokens you're interested in and screen the rest of their onchain activity.

To set an alert, in My Wallets click the filter icon for a particular wallet or select all wallets if you want to batch add a token alert.

In the popup window that appears, enter the token address and chain for each token alert you wish to add. You can enable up to 10 unique token alerts per wallet.

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