Custom Alerts

The Custom Alerts page allows you to create Telegram/Discord alerts for token swaps and other onchain events. In just a few clicks you can enable notifications for:

  • Trades of a particular token

  • New token trades by a specified number of wallets (Pro+Whale)

To create an alert, click Add Alert and in the pop-up window enter the desired settings. If you’re setting a token alert, you need to enter the contract address, minimum swap value, and network. Then select your preferred Telegram bot or Discord channel and click Add Alert.

Cielo enforces a minimum $1,000 threshold for tokens you're tracking. This is to prevent your feed and bots from being overwhelmed by alerts.

If you’re creating a Multiple Wallet Alert, select this option from the dropdown menu and then specify the number of wallets. Choose five wallets, for example, and you will receive an alert when five wallets you’re following trade a particular token for the first time.

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