It's possible to use the Cielo Wallet Tracker as a standalone Telegram bot, without pairing it to the Cielo web app.

It's recommended that you use the bot in conjunction with the Cielo web app however. The app is free to use and its interface makes it easier to adjust wallet settings than doing so within Telegram. If you'd rather just use the Telegram bot on its own, however, read on.

To initialize the Cielo Wallet Tracker bot, open it in Telegram and press the blue Start button.

Press the blue menu icon to view wallet settings:

Four options are displayed:

  • Add wallet or token: Input the address and label for a wallet you wish to track or the smart contracxt address for a token.

  • List: View all of the wallets that you're currently tracking. You can then click on the edit option beside each wallet to adjust its settings.

  • Menu: View master menu that includes options for setting group and channel alerts.

  • Bot settings: Opens options to disable bot or reset chat.

Adding a wallet

To add a wallet using the Telegram bot, click the blue menu icon followed by the top option that appears: Add new wallet or token.

Then click the Wallet button and paste in the wallet address followed by a space and then an optional name for the wallet e.g. My Trading Wallet. By default, all of the chains that Cielo tracks are enabled. If you wish to disable alerts for any of these chains, just click the relevant button to disable the selection.

When you're done, click Confirm. You'll then see the following screen for controlling tx types:

Click on a tx type you wish to disable and then hit Confirm. You will now see the following notification:

And that's it: you're now tracking your first wallet using Cielo's Telegram bot.

Adding a token

To start tracking a token, repeat the procedure described above but select the Token button. You will then see the following option:

Select your desired chain, enter the smart contract address for the token and hit return. You can find this in a block explorer or using a market data site such as CoinGecko.

You will now be asked to set a DEX swap threshold. This is to prevent you from being overwhelmed with alerts for popular tokens.

Enter a value (demoninated in USD) and press return or hit Skip if you wish to receive alerts for all swaps, regardless of size. You will now see the following notification:

Editing wallets + tokens

To edit a wallet or token you're tracking, click the blue menu icon followed by the /list option. This will produce a list of all wallets you're following.

Click the blue edit link beneath the address to make an edit to the wallet or token. In addition to adjusting which chains and tx types are enabled (wallet) and the minimum tx size (tokens), you can disable alerts or delete the address altogether.

To re-enable alerts for a particular address, just repeat the process above and click the Enable button when prompted.

Alert settings

By default, Cielo Wallet Tracker alerts include a Chart link, where applicable. By default this links to GeckoTerminal where you can view trading data for the token in question.

Cielo allows you to choose which trading terminal you would like the Chart link to direct to. To adjust this setting, click the blue menu icon in the Cielo Wallet Tracker to pull up the main menu and then select Alert Settings followed by Chart.

Then choose which of the four available terminals you would like to use for charting and hit Confirm.

Viewing Contract Address

To trade a token that is displayed in the Cielo web app or Telegram bot, the contract address is required. Upon pasting this into a DEX such as Uniswap or an aggregator like Dexscreener, you can trade the token in question. There are a number of ways to obtain the contract address:

1. Click the ViewTx link to inspect the transaction in a block explorer.

2. Click Chart to view the tx in a platform such as Gecko Terminal.

3. Enable one-click contract address copy within Telegram.

To enable the latter option when using the Cielo Telegram bot, select Menu > Alert Settings > Show Token Address. When activated, this displays the contract address with each tx alert, allowing you to trade tokens faster and on the platform of your choosing.

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