Your Cielo feed can be likened to a music player, populated with a diverse collection of sounds. Cielo lists are your playlists for managing all this music 🎢

In just a few clicks, you can create a themed list and populate it with wallets. This makes it easier to focus on specific ecosystems, networks, and use cases

  • Cielo Free users can create up to 5 lists

  • Whale/Pro subscribers can create 10/20

You can also enable Telegram or Discord bots to receive list alerts. You can choose to be notified of all tx made by wallets within a list or types of tx that meet your criteria e.g. Swaps on Blast.

Note: By default, any list you create in Cielo is private and visible to you only. To share a list, change it to Public. This will allow it to be viewed by anyone.

To create a list, visit My Wallets and select Add List.

Give your list a name e.g. Banana Gun Snipers and add an optional description. Tick the box if you would like to make your list public so that it is visible to other Cielo users. By default, your list is set to private and can only be viewed by you. Click Create list to complete the process.

To add wallets to a list, tick the wallets you wish to add and then select the button at the bottom of the page titled Add to List. Select a list from the dropdown menu that appears and hit Save Changes.

To edit the name, description or status of a list, select it from the Lists tab and then click the edit icon beside the list name.

To edit the wallets within a list, load the list in My Wallets and then tick the wallets that you wish to edit. This allows you to remove wallets from the list and to configure alert settings for these wallets. To bulk edit all of the wallets in a list, tick the checkbox at the top of the page:

If you are following a public list created by another user, the only edits you can make to it concern bot notifications. For example, you can specify the tx types and wallets within the public list that generate Telegram/Discord alerts.

If a list has been set to public, you can share it by clicking the share icon that appears alongside it:

To permanently delete a list, load the list in My Wallets and then click Delete.

If you choose to retain the wallets within the list, they will remain in your Cielo feed and will revert to Unassigned. You can subsequently add these wallets to a new or existing list if desired.

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