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Click the tokens tab at the top of the configure page to add and edit Telegram/Discord bot alerts for token tracking. Cielo supports alerts for transactions involving tokens issued on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and Polygon.
You can follow up to five tokens and receive alerts sent directly to your Telegram/Discord bots. (Pro users can track up to 10 tokens and Whale can track 30.)
To get started, click the Add tokens button on the tokens page and enter the smart contract address for the token you wish to follow. (You can find this on a block explorer for the network in question or from a market data aggregator such as CoinGecko.)
Adding ApeCoin (APE)
After entering the token address, select a chain, a minimum tx amount, and choose a Telegram bot to assign alerts to. Then click the Add token button to save your selection.
To edit settings for a token you’re tracking, just click the gear wheel icon alongside it.
Cielo enforces a minimum $1,000 threshold for tokens you're tracking. This is to prevent your feed and bots from being overwhelmed by alerts.
Last modified 3mo ago