Telegram via web app

If you prefer to set up and adjust your Telegram bot using the Cielo web app, visit

Follow the instructions here to connect using your web wallet and then follow the guide here for adding wallets and tokens to track.

Make sure that Telegram alerts are enabled within the Cielo web app to ensure you receive notifications in the Cielo Wallet Tracker bot.

Visit the tokens section of the Cielo web app to add and edit tokens. This includes tokens that you may have added within the Telegram bot.

Using multiple Telegram bots

By default, Cielo allows you to use one Telegram bot. Any wallets or tokens you enable alerts for will automatically be assigned to this bot. However, Pro + Whale members can access two and six bots respectively.

This allows you to map specific tx types to a specific bot. For instance, you could use one bot for your own wallets, another for NFT traders, and another for DEX whales.

To activate your Telegram bots, in the Cielo web app visit Settings. This will open a popup where you can activate and deactivate your bots.

To change which bot a wallet is assigned to, on the configure page, click the edit icon alongside the wallet name. In the popup that appears, click the dropdown titled Telegram bot. Pick a desired bot and then hit Save changes.

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