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The explore section of the Cielo web app is where you can browse public lists. These are lists that have been created by other Cielo users and made shareable so that anyone can view and follow them.
Explore is a good place to start if you’re new to Cielo. It allows you to get a feel for the sort of lists that users are creating and to follow and unfollow lists at will. Whenever you click the Follow button alongside a list, transactions made by wallets within that list will start to appear in your feed.
Note: The wallets contained within a public list count towards the total number of Cielo wallets you can follow. If following a particular list will send you over your maximum wallet threshold, you will receive an alert.
If following a certain list will exceed your maximum wallets, you can alternatively bookmark the list. This allows you to view recent transactions for this list, even though you are not following its wallets. In the public list explorer, click on the name of any list and it will open in a new window.

Browsing public lists

The public list explorer automatically filters results by popularity. Hit the toggle switch at the top of the leaderboard to filter by date added. There’s also a search bar: type in NFT for instance and numerous NFT-themed public lists will appear.
The list explorer displays the following information alongside each entry:
Public List Name: Applied by the list creator. The creator may optionally include their Twitter account below this.
Description: Short summary applied by the list creator.
Wallets: Number of wallets the list contains.
Followers: Number of Cielo users following the list.
Last Update: Time since the creator last edited the list.

Adding a public list

Any Cielo user can create a list and set it to public. Doing so will make it visible to other users via the Explore page and generate a unique URL that can be shared. To create a public list, go to Configuration and click Create list. In the popup that appears, flick the toggle switch marked Make list public and it will turn blue. Your list will now be public unless or until you choose to private it.
Note: Setting a list as public does not reveal any information about its creator. Your wallet address will not be visible and there will be no personal details shown unless you chose to add your Twitter.
Viewing recent tx for a public list called Debank Top Wallets.
Public lists are a great way to glean how other people are using Cielo and to gather ideas of your own. They also provide a quick way to fill your feed with interesting tx and monitor the types of trades that are taking place onchain every day.
Last modified 5mo ago