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Your Cielo feed can be likened to a music player, populated with a diverse collection of your favorite songs. Cielo lists are your playlists for managing all this music 🎶
A list of memecoin whales
Lists are how you segment transactions from specific wallets and focus on areas of interest. In just a few clicks, you can create a themed list and populate it with relevant addresses and transaction types. This makes it easier to discern market trends, sentiment, and behaviors.
You can also set up Telegram/Discord alerts for tx involving wallets within your list, ensuring you’re the first to learn when an actionable onchain event occurs. This could be an employer sending USDT to your wallet or an NFT influencer minting a new collection.
Using Cielo, you can create lists based around an array of onchain use cases and communities, populate them with relevant addresses, and begin gathering insights.
To get started, visit configure and click the button at the top right titled Create list.
Enter a name for your list (e.g. NFT Traders; Onchain Whales; My Wallets) and if desired flick the toggle switch to make the list public. Doing so will make the list discoverable in the public list explorer. If you’re not sure, just leave this option unchecked for now; you can always make it public later.
Once you’ve named your list, tick the blue button titled Create list.
To view your list, select its name from the top right dropdown menu marked All. You can now view wallet addresses contained within the list and make edits to it. To add an address, click the Add wallets button in the top right and be sure to use the Assign to list option in the popup that appears.
Browsing lists from the dropdown menu on the configure page.
To add a wallet that you are already following to a list, with the top right dropdown menu set to All, click the edit icon alongside the name of the wallet in question. Then add the wallet to your list using the Assign to list option in the popup menu.
After creating a list and populating it with wallets, you can set up Telegram bot filters that apply to all addresses within the list. With the name of the list selected from the top right dropdown menu, click the slider icon at the top of the configure page.
Click the filter icon to edit bot settings for an entire list.
This will open a popup where you can set specific alert filters such as minimum tx size, tx type, network, and bot ID. By default, Telegram alerts are enabled when you create a list. To disable them, flick the blue toggle switch in the Advanced list settings menu.
Note: alert filters apply only to your Telegram/Discord bots and do not filter tx as they appear within the Cielo web app.
To make edits to a list, with the list selected from the dropdown menu at the top of the configure page, click the checkbox to the left of the list name as follows:
All of the wallets contained within that list will be selected and four options will appear at the top of the configure page:
  • Remove: Deletes the wallet from the list and removes the wallet from Cielo altogether.
  • Remove from list: Removes the wallet from the list but keeps it in Cielo.
  • Add to list: If the wallet is unassigned to a list, you may assign it to one.
  • Advanced: Opens bot settings.
Note: A wallet can be assigned to a maximum of one list.
To view recent tx involving a specific list, visit your Cielo feed and select the list from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. You can then apply filters using the accompanying menus to further filter results, based on wallets within that list.
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