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Cielo's NFT dashboard is designed for monitoring specific NFT collections and collectors. It allows you to tell at a glance who’s minting a particular collection, how many NFTs each of its leading collectors owns, and other key metrics. Floor price, volume, unique holders and much more can be gleaned directly from your NFT dashboard.

Getting started

Upon visiting the NFT dashboard, you will see two options at the top of the page: Trending and Favorites.
Trending is your gateway for exploring NFT collections. A list of popular NFT collections that are currently trending is displayed by default. You can instantly start monitoring the activity for any of these by clicking the Watch button.
In this example, the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection is being followed.
You can also view at-a-glance information for each of the collections : 24-hour volume, floor price, market cap, and number of holders.
At present, Cielo provides data for NFTs on Ethereum but Optimism and Arbitrum coverage will be activated in the near future.
If you can’t see the NFT collection you’re looking for, paste its smart contract address into the search bar at the top and Cielo will produce it. One way of finding the smart contract address for an NFT collection is via an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea. At the top of the marketplace collection page, select View on EtherScan, copy the contract address, then paste it into Cielo.
Another way to check out an NFT collection of interest is by starting in your Cielo feed. Any time an NFT tx appears in your feed, such as when a wallet purchases an NFT, a thumbnail image will appear. Hover over the thumbnail and you’ll see a blue Explore button. Click on it to be taken to the Cielo page for that NFT collection.
The second tab within Cielo’s NFTs section is Favorites. This is where you can track and edit settings for collections you’re following.
Click the eye icon to the right of a collection to stop following that particular collection.


Clicking on the name of an NFT collection opens a unique Cielo page for that collection. This is the page for Azuki, for example.
If you’d like to keep tabs on all activity for a specific NFT collection, click the blue Follow button in the top right. Above this button, you will see a blockchain explorer link to the ERC721 address for the NFT collection.
Azuki collection in Cielo.
To the left of the Follow button there are two metrics displayed: Tracked Holders and Tracked Minters. This refers to the number of accounts you are following within Cielo that hold or have previously minted NFTs for that collection.
In the top left, alongside the collection’s profile picture, there are thumbnails linking to each of the marketplaces where you can trade the NFT collection: OpenSea, OpenSeaPro, Blur, Uniswap, and LooksRare.
The following collection data is also displayed: number of unique holders, supply (i.e. number of NFTs in the collection), 24-hour volume, floor price, and the percentage increase/decrease in volume and price for the last 24 hours.
The next row of the NFT collection page shows the following options:
Activity: Recent tx involving the NFT collection made by wallets you're following.
Holders: Total number of NFT collection owners filtered by highest first. This includes wallets you're not following.
Minters: Total number of NFTs that wallets have minted, filtered by highest first. Also shows how many NFTs, if any, those accounts are still holding. This metric includes wallets you're not following.
Leaderboard: Ranks owners or previous owners of the NFT collection based on realized and unrealized profit. This includes wallets you're not following.
On an NFT collection page, click the Follow button to start following a specific wallet in Cielo.
To the right hand side of the collection page top menu is a button marked Following only. Click this and the view will change to only display information for accounts you are already following in Cielo.
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